Work I Love

You wake up on Monday morning wishing it were Friday afternoon.  You are bored, frustrated, and annoyed with your current job.

You vacillate between whether the issue is your work, your boss, your negative co-workers, the corporate culture, or that maybe this job is just not the right fit anymore.  You just know its time for a change.

I work with motivated women like you who are ready to find work they love…

This sounds like me!

Work-Life Harmony

Work is taking over your life.  You’re overworked, overscheduled, overtired, and overwhelmed.

You’re tired of prioritizing work over things you want to do for yourself.  You feel burdened by being everyone at works reliable, go-to person.  You are exhausted and starting to feel resentment towards your job.

I work with remarkable women like you who are ready to start a new chapter…

This sounds like me!

Major Life Transitions

Everything was moving along fine…and suddenly…it wasn’t.  You got sick, or divorced, or fired, or someone close to you died and you find yourself spinning out of control.  All of the dreams you were excited about have suddenly changed.

You weren’t expecting to make a big life change, and here it is.  You have a lot of thoughts swirling around in your head and a lot of emotions pouring out of your heart that you need to process and understand.  You haven’t felt this vulnerable in a while, so give yourself permission to have those feelings and know that you aren’t alone.  Now is the time to ask for help.

I work with resilient women like you who need to suddenly create a new dream…

This sounds like me!

It’s time for a new job

My life is completely out of balance

I need help getting through this transition

Life Coach Shelly Ryan navigates you through life’s transitions powerfully, deliberately, mindfully, and fun-ily!

Your Next Chapter

Do you have a major change happening in your life and don’t even know where to begin?  Are you ready to start a new chapter, but aren’t clear about which direction to go?  Are you letting fear and anxiety stop you from moving forward?  Shelly Ryan’s been helping women navigate through life’s transitions for over a decade.  She’s helped women (and men) find new jobs, start their own businesses, write books; navigate through major life transitions like empty nest syndrome, dating, a major health diagnosis, divorce;  and has even helped people clean out and organize their desks and closets!  Shelly’s creative and powerful ACCCRA© method helps you move through your transition deliberately, mindfully, and purposefully and her contagious enthusiasm amazingly makes you want to tackle your transitions and jump into whatever’s next for you.


Next Steps...

Schedule a 30 minute clarity session with Shelly.

Attentive, compassionate, dependable, genuine…

these are just a few words that describe Shelly Ryan. Through her insightful questions and excellent coaching techniques, Shelly helped me to clear out the clutter in my mind so that I could gain a fresh perspective about what I truly need to live my best life. After only a few sessions with Shelly, I landed a new job.

Workforce Policy Advisor

I began working with Shelly at a very difficult time in my life.

I was getting ready to graduate from school with very little idea of my next steps, I was also about to lose my job, and I desperately wanted to fulfill a creative dream of writing a book. The genius of Shelly is that she did not address each little problem I presented to her; instead she helped me create a vision for my next steps and then figure out where all of the issues I was dealing with fit into this vision. I have to say that this is the best skill I learned from my time with Shelly – how to always ask if something I want is supporting or taking away from my vision. Shelly is an awesome coach! I highly recommend her. She has great insights and will show you how to move to your next chapter.

World Bank

I think the one truly appreciable aspect of Your Next Chapter is Shelly’s affability and kindness.

She certainly places me at ease to be honest with myself while addressing whatever confusion that plagues me. Your Next Chapter helped me be more positive, and simultaneously relieved that the doom and gloom that I was replaying in my head about the ongoing changes in my life, really was in my head and not the reality of the situation. I recall literally taking a deep breath of relief when Shelly helped me understand that. Consequently, as I live my life and make necessary changes, I know Shelly is a phone call away, and more importantly, I am more positive and certain that everything will turn out just the way it is supposed to. With this newfound positivity about my relationships at work and in my personal life, I am definitely more relaxed, less tense, and making better decisions with clarity. I highly recommend Your Next Chapter and Shelly Ryan.


Have you ever felt like you keep working at something and can’t quite reach your goals and objectives?

Well, working with Shelly Ryan has helped me tremendously in accomplishing my personal and business goals. Before working with Shelly, I would just continuously justify why I couldn’t accomplish my goals. I was always hard on myself and never able to let go of my worries and concerns. In working with Shelly over a year now, she has really helped me to make my wishes and dreams come true by helping me to hold myself accountable to my goals, timelines and work plans. She is truly a gifted coach mostly because she does not judge or push you to do things. Shelly has a wonderful way of being a great cheerleader and motivator. Don’t give up the opportunity to work with such a talented coach!

Educational Consultant

My whole life turned upside down when my boss retired a couple of years ago.

I soon found myself working for a new boss who didn’t value my work. Despite my positive work reviews for over 14 years, my new boss did everything in her power to belittle, bully, and destroy my professional reputation. I wouldn’t have made it through that time without the Shelly. She was my rock and guiding light who helped me focus on my strengths, talents, and helped me work-through my options. Shelly was my saving grace! Thanks to Shelly’s guidance, I found my confidence again and found another job.

AARP Foundation

At this point in my life, I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I was playing small and not owning my gifts as an artist. Then I met Shelly at a retreat and would you believe with one conversation I realized that I needed her in my life. Her generous, fun, caring, giving, warm and loving spirit was I must say is contagious. Let’s not forget a wealth of information. Since working with her so many amazing things has happened personally as well as in my career. For example, I had been sitting on this solo exhibition for 2 years and since working with Shelly the exhibit is this June. One of the things which for me is my biggest take away is her creative way supporting me through blocks and tasks. I am always in amazement when we have breakthrough sessions when I am feeling uninspired. Everyone needs a Shelly in their life and if you don’t have her you better get her cause you are missing out. I am Thankful and Grateful for Shelly who has and is holding me accountable.

Art Erotica 2018

Simply amazing! At a time of tragedy and uncertain transition in my life, Shelly has truly helped me succeed in staying grounded,…

which has been a constant struggle for me. Having been able to identify road blocks, I now have tools I can apply towards my future, my career, and personal life and have found new meaning. Through Shelly’s compassion, support, cutting edge planning, goal setting, and execution I have managed to do things I never would have dreamed. Shelly has truthfully become a member of our family. Her work is no longer considered as coaching for me, it’s now a lifestyle.

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