Who would you be if you were relaxed, rested, and refreshed?


What if you had a chance to pull back from your regular routine and have some time to focus on you?


Where would you be if you were clear about your future?


When are you going to put yourself first?


Why haven’t you done this already???

It is common for someone investigating or researching a topic to use the Five W’s
formula to get the whole story on a subject – who, what, where, when, and why.
One of the best subjects to investigate and research is you! Retreats are an
opportunity for you to slow down long enough to explore, create, and reimagine
your whole story.

Nine Reasons a Retreat is Right for You!

1. Find Space from Your Regular Routine

There is a reason why life is sometimes referred to as a ‘grind!’ The Urban Dictionary defines The Grind as “…similar to gears grinding when they are worked beyond their capacity.” Do you feel stretched beyond your capacity?  People are asking you questions, and you are making decisions at home, at work, in line, online. You just need a break from your regular routine, so you can stop for a moment and slow down. Time on a retreat is different…it’s more fluid…it’s slower.  You get away from some of the distractions that are keeping you from your creativity, your flow, and your inspiration.  Speaking of distractions…

2. Detox from Technology

The shear mention of a technology detox may instantly create panic…not knowing who had fettuccine alfredo for dinner or whose daughter/grandson did the cutest thing on FaceBook isn’t going to hurt you! And it’s doubtful that your Candy Crush skills will diminish. Imagine not having to check your phone every five minutes. How would your day be different if you didn’t have to be on phone calls or answering text messages? Or no CNN (Constantly Negative News) on the TV or Radio? This allows you to get quiet and really listen. Sounds AMAZING!


3. Connect with Nature

Let’s face it…people aren’t usually going to retreats in the dead of winter in upstate Minnesota…they usually take place in beautiful, sometimes exotic places near the ocean, mountains, rivers, or forest. There is something about the sound of the waves hitting the shore or the fresh smell of the grass after a light rain, or the feel of the sunshine on your face when hiking through the mountain that grounds us and allows us to unwind. Environmental psychology supports that spending time in nature reduces stress, improves your mood, and improves cognitive performance. I’ll take all of that!

4. Face Your Fears

Retreats give you an opportunity to face your fears in a safe space. Maybe you’ve been afraid to try yoga for the first time or snorkel or travel out of the country. Or maybe you are a little uneasy meeting new people or going somewhere by yourself. On a retreat, you are supported by experienced and seasoned guides/facilitators. Even better...


5. Make New Friends

You are accompanied by like-minded people, potentially making friends that will last you a lifetime! Retreats attract people with similar interests, issues, and concerns -- people who want to do the same thing as you! You will make new connections and friendships that add to your life. You create a built-in support system and fully realize that you are not alone!

6. No Planning Required

You don’t have to schedule anything, create an agenda, decide what to cook for dinner, or drive anyone anywhere. All you must do is get to the airport, get on the plane and get to the site…the rest is laid out for you. Retreats allow you to focus on you and your well-being— you don’t have to plan anything!


7. Experience New Things

When you experience new things, you change! Explore this big old world! If you love learning, there are learning opportunities all over a retreat! You will learn a ton about you. You will also learn from the other participants, the leaders, the guides, nature, animals. Learning comes when you are alone, in a group, on an excursion, during the workshops, when you reflect, when you eat. You will leave changed!

8. Practice Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation is a beautiful way to quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice (the voice of your Source.) If you currently have a mindfulness or meditation practice, it will be enhanced and if you are just starting, you will leave knowing how to create a regular meditation routine when you get back.


9. Get Inspired! 

When you stop overthinking, relax, and seek out a different perspective, inspiration follows! A retreat is a place to re-charge, re-energize, and re-new your life. You will either remember who you are or find out who you are; what you are made of; who you want to be! You absolutely deserve it!!!

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